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    Basic Command In-Game


    I will Teach you the Basic Command in this Game for the Beginners

    How To Reset:

    While in game, press ENTER and type /reset
    your account will automatically logged out and when you logged in again your account was already reset

    How To Add Stats:

    While in game, press ENTER and type:
    /addstr xxx > STR
    /addagi xxx > Agility
    /addvit xxx > STA
    /addene xxx > ENG
    /addcom xxx > Command (for DL)

    xxx = The no. of stats you want to add (ex. /addstr 500 - you add 500 STR)
    Your Stats will add after you log in again

    Clear PK

    To Clear your PK Status just type /clearpk

    Reset your Master Skill:

    While in game, press ENTER and type /clearmlskills "your char name"
    Your master skill tree will


    Press A = Open your Master Skill Tree
    Press I or V = Open your Inventory
    Press C = Open your char stats
    Press X = Open MU Item Shop
    Press Z = Open Official MU Helper (Good for Hunting)
    Press M = View Map List
    Press Tab = View Current Map
    Press G = Open Guild Tab
    Press F = Open Friend List
    Press P = View Party Details
    Press D = Open Command Window (Trade, Buy, Party, Whisper, Guild, Alliance, Hostility Guild, Suspend Hostilities, Add Friend, Follow and Duel)
    Press F1 = Help

    Emotion Commands

    /Hi /Hello /Welcome - Bow (greeting)
    /^^ /Haha - Laugh
    /; /Sorry - Head scratch
    /-_- /Huh Cross arms
    /Great - Raises both arms
    /Bye - Wave
    /Cold - Rubs arms
    /Come - Hand gesture
    /Cry - Crying
    /Never /Not - “No” gesture
    /Good/Nice/Wow - Clap
    /OK/Again - Raise hand
    /Respect/Defeated - Kneel
    /Rush - Lead your hand forward
    /Sir - Salute
    /That/There - Points
    /Victory/Win - Victory pose / kisses
    /Sleep/Tired - Yawning
    /Dance - Dance
    /Hustle - Hustle

    /post - Posts global message (Public)
    @ - Send Guild message
    @@ - Send a message to the alliance
    @> - Guild Notice (Guild Master function)
    ~ - Send a Party message
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