First what is GM Trade Assistance: This is a form of trade with the presence of Game Master, they facilitate trades from In-Game Players that is more than the capacity of window trade (8x4).

Flow of Trades
-Both Players should give their trading items to attending Game Master.
-They are allowed to check first the items if its correct and according to agreement
-Both players should approve the items to be traded

My In Game Name:
My Items:

Trading Partner Name:
Partner Items:

-GM Trade Assistance can only be quested upon posting a thread in forum with a correct format.
-Game Master will not assist outside trade like (Other games, PHP trades, etc.)
-Game Master will warped you in a specific map to avoid Scammers
-Game Master or any Staff will not entertain any unrequested transactions from in game.

*ALL above mention is subject to changes and its not permanent

Thank You and please be guided accordingly
Your account is Your Responsibility