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    New Update 9-13-2018

    Good day Legends!

    We have a few announcements regarding New Updates September 13, 2018

    •Blood Castle 2nd Lucky Ticket Drop Rate 10% added
    •Blood Castle Season4 Drop Items removed
    •Blood Castle Reward at Server 1 is Elevation jewel
    •Blood Castle Reward at Server 3 is Elevation Dissolution
    •Medusa Drop Full Option Season4 Weapons and Full Option 380 Items Added
    •BOK+5 drop Season4 Weapon and 380 Items added
    •Golden Tantallos 100 million HP (no regen)
    •Golden Knight 100 million HP (no regen)
    •Selupan 500 million HP (no regen)
    •next update for elevation dissolution

    Happy Gaming Everyone!

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    Thanks for the INFO..

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    nice Happy gaming guys!
    FortressMu Forum Police

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    Thanks for the info! Happy Gaming guys!

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    Thanks for the info . Keep it up xD

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    Thanks for this information... this will duly noted. =)

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