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    Seed Sphere 5 update

    Good day Fortress Legends!

    • We’re still on process fixing the “Level 5 Seed Sphere” and will take longer than we expected. We will now ask for those players who collected them to turn them in and we will compensate you with 2 Cash Point = (1) Sphere Level 5.

    • To those players that are using Seed Sphere 5 on their equipment we would also like you to turn them in so that we can change them to Level 3.

    *NOTE: We will be deleting “Seed Sphere Level 5” and you will lose your equipment attached with it, PLEASE turn them in to prevent any inconveniences*

    • Everyone has 1 week to turn their items in, please contact any Game Masters in-game when you get a chance.

    Please don’t forget to keep making Fenrir since our “Monster Hunter” event is going all throughout September!

    Happy Gaming!!!

    -FortressMU Admin

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    Thanks for the update GM

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    Thanks for the update boss!

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